Authentic and Delicious Japanese dishes best with sake

  • About us

    Shigotonin prides itself in offering a selected menu of traditional Japanese dishes, regional specialties of various preferences of Japan, and homemade style cuisine with a modern flare. Our dishes showcases the recommendations of the region's signature dishes with our original recipe and unique presentation. Immerse your palette in our culinary artworks and wonders of the Japan with our guidance and have a memorable dining experience.

  • Menu

  • Kyoto Obanzai & Sake

    Obanzai is a traditional home cooking style of Japanese cuisine native to Kyoto and these small dishes are prepared with vegetables and seafood, best starters with Sake.

    Your choice from Tsukemono(Japanese-style Pickles), Tamagoyaki(Japanese-style Sweet Omelette), Tako Wasabi and Tofu dishes etc. (each from $5 or more)

    Your favorite from Hakkaisan, Dassai, Taisetsu, Kikusui, Nihon Sakari Nama, Kubota, Suigei, Jozen Mizunogotoshi, Tengumai, Born and Mio Sparkling etc.

  • Japanese Tapas

    Japanese traditional, regional specialities of various prefectures, and home style cuisine

    Yasai-maki Kushi

    Skewered vegetables wrapped with thinly sliced pork, and speciality of Fukuoka.

    each from $3.5 or more

    Aburi Shime Saba

    Seared Mackerel with natural flavor of Saba.


    Salmon Baguette with Yuzu Aioli

    Salmon with Yuzu flavored mayonnaise base Aioli sauce on the toasted bread.



    Fresh Sashimi with Shigotonin special sauce, blending shoyu, vinegar, olive oil, and Yuzu kosho. - Salmon, Scallop, Hamachi, Maguro

    from $20

    Grilled Kama

    Grilled fish collar and the fattiest and juicy part of the fish(Hamachi or Salmon)

    from $15

    Chicken Nanban

    Karaage chicken soaked in sweet and sour Nanban sauce topped with tartar sauce, speciality of Miyazaki


    Japanese Style Pasta(Uni)

    Original recipe and one of the signature



    Traditional rice soup with rice and dashi & hoji tea. Ume, Salmon or Eel

    from $7

  • Sashimi / Sushi

    Sashimi Platter

    Maguro(Tuna), Salmon and Today's fish for 3 kinds


    Traditional Sasa Sushi

    Pressed sushi wrapped with bamboo leaves(Sasa). Salmon


    Grilled Unagi Roll

    Eel and Shigotonin special sushi rice blending vinegar, ginger, Kombu and sesame.



    Handwrapping form inspired by traditional and modern sushi.

    each from $7 or more

    Kaisen Bowl

    Tuna, Salmon, Scallop, Shrimp, Hamachi, Ikura and Uni on top of sushi rice.



    Your choice of Sashimi such as Scallop, botanebi, and Ikura etc.

    Scallop 1pc $10, Botanebi 1pc $13 etc.

    Sashimi (Chutoro, Otoro)

    Fresh and fatty part of Tuna melt in your month


    Sashimi (Hamachi)

    Fresh and fatty Yellow tail melt in your month


    Temaki (Aburi Salmon Belly)


    Temaki (Ikura)


    Temaki (Snowcrab)

    Your choice from snowcrab, with Ikura or with Uni

    with Ikura $15, with Uni M/P

    Chirashi Bowl

    5 types of cubed sashimi, unagi and ikura on top of Shigotonin special sushi rice


    Special Sushi Box

    Uni, Crab, Shrimp and Ikura on top of Shigotonin special sushi rice


    Salmon and Ikura Bowl

    Salmon and Ikura on top of sushi rice


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